Ways You Can Help

We are a community-based, non-profit organization made up of volunteers. We are only as successful as you, our neighbors and community members, help us to be. There are many ways to be involved; financial support, volunteer help, donations, services rendered and skills put to use are all critical to our mission - and appreciated more than we can possibly express!


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We have so many aspirations!

Your support can be vital in helping our vision become a reality!


The vision we see for our rescue involves empowering community members through education, networking, and relationship building with other rescues and organizations. By educating the public on canine behavior, including breed specific behaviors and predispositions, as well as the importance of spaying/neutering and vaccinating our pets, we can envision a reduction in the number of abandoned and unwanted pets. Through networking, it is our desire to build strong ties with the community, increase the likelihood for lost pets to be returned to their families, and engage with other organizations and rescues for the benefit of our animal friends in the Basin community.


Here are a few of our current goals:

  • Starting a low cost spay and neuter program,
  • Conducting vaccine clinics for dogs and cats,
  • Providing public education on the need to vaccinate, the benefits of spaying/neutering, and behavioral issues.


How can you help? By donating funds, services, supplies, expertise, time and ideas!