Success Stories


Charlie was a long-term foster that finally found his fur-ever home after 2 years! Yay Charlie! (May 2020)

Sissy & Fluffer

Sissy & Fluffer are a bonded pair of adorableness! We are so happy to have found them a home together! (May 2020)


Another wonderful adoption!!! ❤❤ Baby, now called Jackie, will have a wonderful life with this very nice couple! (July 2020)


Balto is special! He came to us emaciated, almost 20 lbs under-weight! He is now healthy and lives with fur-ever family! (June 2020)


Happy ending for Gypsy!! Remember the lab mix that was living near I-90 and Dodson for weeks with porcupine quills in her face? She found her fur-ever home!! We are so happy for her!! Thankful for a wonderful and amazing foster family - Bryan and Erika Ribble and their children, AdeLyn, Tucker and Paisley. They worked with her and loved her as their own while we searched for the perfect home. (May 2020)


Cooper 1.0 was an owner surrender that was with our rescue for 122 days. That is over 4 months of waiting...waiting for his fur-ever home. Well, he found it. This happy boy couldn't have found a better home and we are so thrilled! (Nov. 2020)




This is Cooper 2.0! This sweet boy was living in a car until he got loose and was then trapped. We are so lucky to have wonderful fosters that provided such loving care for him! Kailyn and Caleb did a great job with Cooper!! WE LOVE OUR FOSTERS and we simply could not do what we do without them.❤ (Oct. 2020)



This kitty found his fur-ever home after being rescued 17 miles out in the country. ❤ (May 2021)


Finn was one of 5 Rat Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier pups that we rescued. Just look at that face! (March 2021)



This little girl, another of the 5 siblings, took the longest to adopt out. But she found the perfect family to bless and we are so happy for her and her new family! (April 2021)


Mario, Grizz & Willow, Leroy, and Luigi

5 of the 7 Lab/Collie pups that were surrendered to us - adopted out in May of 2021.


Yoshi, Kona, and Raven

Yoshi and Raven, the other 2 from the Lab/Collie litter - and Kona, another rescue - all adopted out in May of 2021.


Zayna, Chase, Draco, Huck, Sam and Lily

Zayna, aka Mama Dog, and pups were rescued after being abandoned and living on their own for awhile. While Zayna was socialized and trusting of people, her pups were not. We were all thrilled when they were adopted out to loving, caring families. (March 2021)




Here's Charlie! This sweet boy was adopted May 2021. 


Sarge was in foster care from January 2021 until he was adopted out the following May. After being found abandoned on the side of the road, this was such a happy ending for this wonderful dog!


We have so many success stories! Here is just another sample of more pets we adopted into happy homes!

Duke - adopted out in May of 2020.

Gracie adopted Sept 2020.

Buster and Bella - adopted January 2021



Dec. 2020


March 2021